Real Patient Stories

When prospective plastic surgery patients come to St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we always encourage them to read the accounts of others who have walked in their shoes. We believe that our patients’ own stories are some of the best ways to learn what to expect and prepare for your own experience. Read the following stories from some of our past patients to get a sense of what it’s like to undergo plastic surgery with us.

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Mommy Makeovers

Read about real stories from our “mommies” who have had makeovers after having children.

Katy’s Mommy Makeover*

kat's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Katy: After my second child I was left with space where my breast used to be, it was time to get “the girls” back.

Q: What were your expectations?
Katy: Simply to regain what I had lost.

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Katy: There were some initial concerns with the recovery period because my kids were so young, but with a little help it was no problem.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Katy: I am not going to lie, the first two days were rough, but I was shocked at how good I felt by day 4. I was back at work on day 6.

Q: Would you do it again?
Katy: Absolutely!

Q: Can the kids tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Katy: They are almost 5 and almost 2, they never noticed a thing.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Katy: Already have.

Katy had a breast augmentation.

Donna’s Mommy Makeover*

donna's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Donna: Simply put…to get my pre-pregnancy body back!!! After carrying very large twins full term my muscles were in disarray, my skin looked like a roadmap with all the stretch marks and I had two or three spare tires around my waist that weren’t there prior to pregnancy!!!

Q: What were your expectations?
Donna: I did not set my expectations too high. I was not expecting to look like a super model, I just wanted my old body back. To my surprise, I looked better than I did before I got pregnant. Waking up in recovery the first thing I remember is my husband saying I had the body of a teenager! Whoo Hoo!! 40 years old with the body of a teenager ~ what else can you ask for?

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Donna: Having children was not a concern of mine. My children were old enough at the time to take care of themselves for the most part.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Donna: The recovery was magical. It is really incredible how quickly a healthy body can heal itself. The pain pumps were a God send! I can honestly say I was really only “down” for 2-3 days, after that I was pretty much able to get around without much difficulty. I took it really easy for two weeks and was ready to go back to work that third week. My best piece of advice to you is to listen to your Doctor. If you follow his instructions to the “T” then your recovery will be manageable.

Q: Would you do it again?
Donna: In a heartbeat!

Q: Can the kids tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Donna: I’m not so sure the physical change was that noticeable to them. They do enjoy the newfound energy and excitement that I have. I never wanted to do anything before the surgery, now we are constantly on the go and doing fun stuff. They have also commented on my change in wardrobe. They love my new clothes and say that I dress much hipper now and no longer dress like an old lady!

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Donna: Absolutely!!! This surgery has changed my life. I feel so much better about myself. I am no longer disgusted at my reflection in the mirror. I actually like looking at myself now!

Donna had an extended tummy tuckliposuction on her inner, outer, anterior thighs, buttocks, flanks, abdomen, back, and chin, and a breast augmentation and lift.

Staci’s Mommy Makeover*

staci's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Staci: After having two children, my body wasn’t in the best shape. I had a tummy that wouldn’t go away with diet/exercise and my breasts were no longer where they used to be. I wanted to feel better about myself.

Q: What were your expectations?
Staci: I was hoping for the best…but my expectations were realistic. The results have highly exceeded my expectations.

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Staci: Yes…I wanted to be the best I can be for me and for my family. I was worried about the “down” time but had support from my family. It worked out well.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Staci: The recovery was painful but I followed Doctor’s instructions. It was well worth the pain.

Q: Would you do it again?
Staci: Absolutely.

Q: Can the kids tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Staci: I think so – they haven’t said much about it. I think they know that I feel better about myself.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Staci: Yes, and I have. In fact, some of friends already had their surgeries.

Staci had a tummy tuckbreast augmentation and liftliposuction on her abdomen, lateral and medial thighs and hips.

Katie’s Mommy Makeover*

katie's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Katie: I looked in the mirror one day and did not recognize the image staring back. I had always exercised and had healthy eating habits but after two children in 18 months, nursing both of them until age one and turning 31 my body was not coming back to what it was pre-pregnancy. I felt like I was looking at the body of a 65 year old, not a 31 year old. I did not feel sexy and had a horrible body image. I hated to go shopping for clothes because it was hard to find things that fit. I just was not happy with myself.

Q: What were your expectations?
Katie: After consulting with Dr. HuffakerI felt like there was hope to get my body back. My first surgery was a tummy tuck with lipo. He and I talked about what I would look like after and what kind of recovery to expect. When I first got out, I was surprised because I felt bigger then when I went in (I was told to expect that), but over the next 90 days I saw the results that I expected. I had a totally flat stomach, and my inner and otter thighs and butt where smaller. I got my first big boost of self confidence. My second surgery was breast implants. Dr. Huffaker said this was going to be a quick minor pain recovery and I would love the results. He was right! I came out and had no pain (I had the pain pump) and recovered quickly. I had a smile on everyday because I no longer had what I referred to as tube socks stuffed in a bra, I had wonderful, full, sexy breasts. The third surgery was liposuction of my back, hips, butt inner and outer thighs. I had been working out hard and had lost 56 pounds but could not get my legs back to what they used to be. I had gained weight all over during both pregnancies and my legs had become much heavier. Even with a trainer, I was having difficulty. Once again I turned to Dr. Huffaker to see what he could do and again was not disappointed with the results. He was able to sculpt my body and my results were exactly as we discussed in my consult. The fourth and final surgery is one I am still recovering from and again the results so far are as expected and maybe even a little better.

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Katie: Yes, I have always wanted to be a mother since I was 5 years old, but I never expected it to change my body so much. I felt guilty for spending the time and money when I knew there were other things that needed my attention, but my results were well worth the time and financial expenditure. I am so confident in myself and because of that I am more successful in my career, and being a mom.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Katie: The first surgery was the hardest. I listened to what Dr. Huffaker said but thought that I would recover faster. I did not set the right expectations for my husband so his reaction to my recovery was not as supportive as it could have been. I said that I would be fine in a couple of days and it was a week before I felt like doing much. The other three were a breeze. The lipo feels like I had a really hard workout and the bruising only bothered me a couple of days.

Q: Would you do it again?
Katie: Yes!

Q: Can the boys tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Katie: The boys were 2 and 3 when I started down this journey. They do not remember the first two, but remember the second two. They were very supportive and gentle to Mommy’s boo boo’s. The kids see that I have a ton of energy and the importance of exercise and health eating. They let their friends know that water is the best thing for bodies and that exercising is fun and great for the body.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Katie: I believe it is a personal choice and one that people need to think about. When I am asked, I always say it was the best thing that I have done for me, my relationship with my husband and my children. It was an investment in me that has paid off tenfold. I am a much different women today, inside and out.

Katie had an extended tummy tuck, breast augmentation with a lift, liposuction of her abdomen, hips, buttucks, thighs, calves and knees.

Tricia’s Mommy Makeover*

tricia's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Tricia: I had three awesome children very young and a not so awesome tummy to prove it. It didn’t matter what I did, it wouldn’t go away. So when Dr. Huffakerconfirmed that thought I knew there was no turning back.

Q: What were your expectations?
Tricia: I don’t know if I really had any. I would of been happy with any improvement although, if I knew what I knew now I would of done it years ago.

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Tricia: Well, my children aren’t exactly young but they did affect my decision. All three of my teens are very fit and taller than me. Now I actually look like their mom. Also, I feel so much better about myself that I think my attitude even made me a happier mom.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Tricia: It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. There were a lot of things that factored into that though. I had a pain pump (which was awesome), Dr. Huffaker and Angie prepared me very well on what to expect, and I had the greatest caretaker. He followed Angies directions to a T. With a team like that I was back to work in approx. 3 weeks.

Q: Would you do it again?
Tricia: Yes, without a doubt!

Q: Can the kids tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Tricia: I think so. The boys haven’t said much. My daughter likes the fact we can share most clothes now.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Tricia: Absolutely! Surgery has changed my life in so many ways. It’s such a personal decision that I would support a friend in whatever decision she/he would make.

Tricia had an extended tummy tuckliposuction of her upper and lower back, lateral buttocks, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, hips and flanks.

Kim’s Mommy Makeover*

kim's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Kim: I had the surgery because I had lost so much weight (about 85 lbs to date) after having my daughter. I was in the best shape of my life. For the most part, my body was able to rebound and snap back into place – however, there were areas that couldn’t and never would. Surgery enabled me to reduce a lot of skin that was not going anywhere.

Q: What were your expectations?
Kim: I didn’t want to put too clear an expectation on the procedure because I wanted to be realistic about the results. I was so excited, though, to get my “body” back after all this hard work…that I was just really excited.

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Kim: I don’t think they affected the decision to do it. Mainly, my age was the main factor. I am a young single mom and there should be nothing keeping me from looking and feeling the best I can.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Kim: My surgery was pretty major. I believe the surgery was six hours and while my recovery was extensive and slow, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I was back on the treadmill after a few weeks. Running again after a few months doing more crunches than ever.

Q: Would you do it again?
Kim: In a heartbeat. 100%. I don’t plan to – but yes. I would.

Q: Can the girls tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Kim: They’re so little. My friends, family and co-workers – that was a whole other story. They saw the transformation over a year of me losing weight and getting in shape. After the surgery, people were just floored by it. I just liked being able to wear anything I wanted.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Kim: Without a doubt. I would encourage anyone in a similar situation to think about it. It was a big decision but it was worth it.

Kim had a full tummy tuckliposuction of her abdomen, hips, lower back, thighs and knees.

Nikki’s Mommy Makeover*

nikki's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Nikki: I had surgery to undo the effects from pregnancy. After having 2 children six years apart and gaining 75lbs during each pregnancy my body needed some help snaping back. It was something I had always talked about and one day my husband said it’s not going to hurt to go talk to someone. That’s when I decided to meet with Dr. Huffaker and realized he could change my life.

Q: What were your expectations?
Nikki: I’m not sure that I knew what to expect, only that anything would be an improvement. Never would I have believed that such a transformation could take place.

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Nikki: Yes. I felt that having surgery while they were younger was best. I didn’t have to go into details with them, they just knew that mommy needed to rest.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Nikki: In all honesty, the first three days were intense. I kept thinking what have I done to myself. By the second week I was ready to show off my new body.

Q: Would you do it again?
Nikki: Definately. This has been an unbelivable journey with amazing outcomes.

Q: Can the boys tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Nikki: No, to them I’m still mommy.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Nikki: Yes, I already have and will continue to.

Nikki had an extended tummy tuck with liposuction on her upper and lower back, abdomen, hips, flanks, lateral buttocks, inner and outer thighs. Plus a breast augmentation and breast lift.

Cathy’s Mommy Makeover*

cathy's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Cathy: I had surgery to make myself feel better about me! I think I was looking older so I was acting older.

Q: What were your expectations?
Cathy: I know that I was just taking baby steps to improve my appearance.

Q: Did having children affect your decision?
Cathy: Having children did impact my decision. All my kids are in their 20’s now, they all knew about my surgery. They also know that I do not want to grow old with them, I want to grow young.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Cathy: The recovery for me was easy. I guess because I wanted it so bad! The nurses really inform you on what to expect. Plus they are there for you every step of the way.

Q: Would you do it again?
Cathy: Yes, Yes, Yes, Tomorrow!

Q: Can the kids tell a difference in mom after surgery?
Cathy: My kids were there with me every step and they now see that my steps are peppier. So yes, they can tell that mom has more confidence and loves the way she looks!

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Cathy: I do everyday even when I was still recovering. I just love the new me!

Cathy had a breast augmentationnext day lift and fat injections in her lips, cheeks and under her eyes.

Meg’s Mommy Makeover*

meg's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Meg: I had triplets and then another child 2 years later. I lost the baby weight quickly but couldn’t do anything about the leftover skin and underlying stretched out muscles. I hated the way my body looked and felt that it was beyond my control to do anything about it short of cosmetic surgery.

Q: What were your expectations?
Meg: My hope was that once the muscles were brought back together and the excess skin was removed I would have a flatter stomach and feel better about my appearance.

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Meg: I worried more about the recovery time knowing that I had four children to take care of, but I also felt that the longer I waited the more I’d regret not doing it sooner.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Meg: I found the recovery to be easier than either of my previous c-sections. I would describe it as very uncomfortable initially, but never really painful. The pain pump helped a lot and after that I just had to remember to go slow and listen to my body.

Q: Would you do it again?
Meg: In a heartbeat! The results met my expectations and then some. The pictures show the physical changes, but the difference in how I feel about my body is even more dramatic.

Q: Can the kids tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Meg: They think I look much better without my “floppy belly”! And I think they also see how nice it is to have a mommy who likes the way she looks and feels comfortable about her appearance.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Meg: So few people are comfortable admitting they had plastic surgery and so many want to know more. I’ve talked to everyone I know about this surgery and how happy I am with the results. I have had four other triplet mom friends who have had the procedure since I did!

Meg had a tummy tuck and liposuction of her abdomen and flanks.

Pamela’s Mommy Makeover*

pamela's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Pamela: I had the surgery because diet, exercise and calorie control won’t fight heredity.

Q: What were your expectations?
Pamela: To win the battle against heredity that I have been fighting my whole life.

Q: Did having a child affect your decision?
Pamela: Yes, my son did affect my decision. He has always been a supporter of mine along with being very honest.

Q: What was the recovery like?
Pamela: The recovery was not near what I thought it would be. It was much shorter and not near as painful.

Q: Would you do it again?
Pamela: Yes, I would do it again, in a New York second.

Q: Can your son tell a difference in mom after surgery?
Pamela: Yes, my son of 28 can tell the difference in my appearance, attitude and confidence.

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Pamela: I would highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about it.

Pamela had a full tummy tuckliposuction of her hips, flanks buttocks, thighs and knees.

Michele’s Mommy Makeover*

michel's mommy makeover

Q: Why did you have surgery?
Michele: It was something I’d always wanted to do…for myself.

Q: What were your expectations?
Michele: I don’t know that I really had any…I just knew I’d love the change!

Q: Did having young children affect your decision?
Michele: I waited until they were a bit older with the thought that I wouldnt have to worry so much about “mommy-ing” during recovery…I wish I hadn’t waited!

Q: What was the recovery like?
Michele: SO easy…I had surgery on a Thursday, was back at work on Monday and in Las Vegas two weeks later!

Q: Would you do it again?
Michele: Definitely.

Q: Can the kids tell a difference in mommy after surgery?
Michele: They notice that I don’t have such a hard time finding clothes to fit me…less time in the “girls clothes dept” – you bet they notice that!

Q: Would you recommend surgery to others?
Michele: Absolutely!

Michele had a breast augmentation and lift.

Cosmetic Makeovers

View stories from mothers, daughters, couples, and friends, who decided to have cosmetic surgery.

Heather & Ben’s Cosmetic Surgeries*

Heather & Ben's Cosmetic Surgeries

Heather decided to have breast augmentation first. “I just wanted to feel good in my clothes and especially my bathing suit,” said wife, Heather. “I was referred to St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery by a lot my friends. I went in for a consultation and felt very comfortable with Dr. Lund. The surgery wasn’t as painful as I thought and I am really glad that I had the pain pump. My son was only three months old when I had the surgery and my recovery time was quick. I was able to completely care for him about five days after. The surgery has made me feel better about myself and makes me more confident in the clothes that I wear. I have gotten so many compliments about how good they look and that they don’t look fake, they look natural. I would highly recommend this surgery and cannot wait for my liposuction. And as far as Dr. Lund, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.”

After seeing how confident Heather was after surgery, Ben began to wonder if cosmetic surgery was something for him too. Ben loves to workout as you can tell, but even body builders can struggle with those hard to lose areas. “No matter how hard I worked out or exercised I still had a lot of fat around my midsection,” added husband, Ben. So after his consultation, he understood how liposuction could help him get the body he wanted too. Ben had liposuction just on his stomach and back, which are two common areas for men.

Now this adorable husband and wife team feel confident everywhere they go!

Camille’s Cosmetic Surgery*

Camille's Cosmetic Surgery makeover

I was a model from age 16-24 and I was always aware of my appearance. At age 41, I married someone that had 4 children and I had three children of my own. So I was always cooking and taking care of 9 people. I stopped taking care of myself to take care of everyone else. I was at a size 12, which was a lot larger than I wanted to be. I threw away all my belts, because I thought I would never show my waist again.

I constantly told myself, you are not who you want to be, nothing looks good on you, look at this belly…and on and on. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and my attitude was unhappy too.

I started thinking, we paint our house, we plant flowers, we groom the dog, and we take care of the exterior of our home and cars, why not my exterior? I had my gallbladder removed because I was having problems and thought nothing of that surgery. So why can’t I repair my entire body. And that is how I looked at having surgery; it was repair to my body. Repairs from having children, raising children, and just plain old wear and tear.

My husband was very supportive and I was finally tired of criticizing myself. So I had a breast lift with augmentationliposuction and a tummy tuck. When I came out of surgery I was so happy with my results, little did I know that it was only going to get better. I was a size 12 before surgery and now I am a size 8. I had most of my clothes tailored to fit the new me. This surgery exceeded my expectations. I’m finally free from constantly putting myself down. I love looking in the mirror again. I can buy anything I want and know it will look great on me. It not only changed how I look, but how I feel.

Ann’s Cosmetic Surgery*

ann's cosmetic surgery makeover

After losing 50 pounds and implementing a healthy diet and exercise routine I still felt as though I could look and feel better. I realized that some things just were not going to go away on their own, the loose skin on my neck and the remaining fat and extra skin in my lower abdomen. These remaining problems lowered my self esteem and self confidence. I simply was not happy with my appearance. I wanted to be happy, look and feel young again!! So, I began to research the options available to me using cosmetic surgery.

As a Registered Nurse, I knew the importance of choosing a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. I “googled” cosmetic surgery in St. Louis and found several web sites of local cosmetic surgeons. I checked the credentials, experience, testimonials and photos and decided St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery was the group for me. I was very impressed with their results in the photos and the wonderful compliments given to the physicians as well as all the office staff. I called the office to schedule a consultation and was lucky enough to get an appointment with Dr. Lund!! I also spoke to some of my professional peers and found that Dr. Lund was very well respected in his field. That was important to me.

As soon as I met Dr. Lund I knew he was the physician I had been looking for; very professional, friendly and caring. He seemed to take all the time in the world to talk with me and explain the options available to me. In fact, Dr. Lund has the best bedside manner of any physician I have ever encountered in all my years in nursing or as a consumer of health care.

Also, I must say that the entire office staff is wonderful, so warm and friendly. These qualities made me feel very at ease. In fact, now I view everyone in that office as my friends. That’s a GOOD FEELING.

My first surgery was the neck lift. It went very well with only minimal discomfort which was well controlled with medication. A year or so later I had the abdominoplasty. I have a low pain tolerance so I knew I wanted the pain pump after surgery. I was AMAZED, much less pain than after my C-Section years ago. After the pump came out I used medication as prescribed by Dr. Lund and really had mild discomfort. I couldn’t believe that the day after surgery I felt well enough to go my grandson’s Christmas program at school. (Oops, I don’t think I told Dr. Lund about that one). Of course, I didn’t drive and my husband helped me walk by offering me his arm. I had a wonderful recovery and am very, very pleased with the results. My most recent surgery was an upper and lower eye lift and mid face lift. That was a breeze!! It was the least painful of all the procedures.

Having these procedures has boosted my self esteem and self confidence. I am the happiest I have ever been! For the first time in my life I can wear a 2 piece swimsuit and look good!! I have more confidence in all aspects of my life.

I feel so much better physically and mentally. For the first time I can ever remember, I feel really alive and vibrant.

Every day I look at myself in the mirror, smile and say, “Thank you Dr. Lund”.

My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!!

Kelly’s Cosmetic Surgery*

Kelly's Cosmetic Surgery

After having three wonderful children, my breasts lost a lot of volume. I was down to a 34B cup and wanted more. So I went in for a consultation and found out that along with the augmentation I would need a breast lift too. Since I have had my surgery I feel more confident and I am able to wear whatever I want. It has made shopping so much more fun.

Sammie, Cassie & Melissa’s Cosmetic Surgeries*

Sammie, Cassie & Melissa's Cosmetic Surgeries

Cassie: “I have always been self conscious of wearing a lot of clothes because of my flat chest. At 23 that isn’t something I should be worried about. Since surgery, I don’t have to worry about trying to balance out my upper and lower body…and my physical self-esteem is a lot better. Plus, the confidence that I have in no matter what I wear.”

Sammie: “Before surgery, I hated the way I looked in my clothes and wore things to cover up what I didn’t have. I was scared to have surgery at first and be under general anesthesia. Plus I thought I would be in a lot of pain after surgery. But I was wrong, I had a fast recovery and loved the pain pump. My mom had the same surgery 10 years ago with my doctor, so she was a ton of help! Since surgery, I love the way swimsuits fit and tank tops. I feel more comfortable with myself. Everyone should love the way they look…and now I do too.”

Melissa: “After having my first child I lost a lot of breast tissue and I hated the way I looked in my clothes. When seeing how great my friends looked after surgery and how they could wear anything and look great, I knew I wanted a breast aug too!”

Charlotte’s Cosmetic Surgery*

Charlotte's Cosmetic Surgery Makeover

I decided it was time for surgery when I started looking older than what I feel. At 61, my husband and I are always traveling and have a great time. When I looked in the mirror I thought I really look tired, but I’m not. So I told my granddaughters for their birthdays they were getting a younger looking grandma, and here I am. People tell me I look like I am in my 40’s- I laugh. I’m proud to tell people that I am 61 (turning 62 this month) and I proud to say I had a little help too.

Charlotte has had breast lift and augmentationfull facelift and upper and lower eyelid lift. She has also had IPL treatments in our medical spa along with using physician grade skin care products. Charlotte also fights the signs of aging with Botox and collagen treatments.

Cynthia’s Cosmetic Surgery*

Cynthia's Cosmetic Surgery Makeover

I had my daughter over 18 years ago and I always wanted a tummy tuck from that day on. I tried diet and exercise and just couldn’t get rid of my stomach. So when I went in for a consultation[/link] I was glad to hear the doctor tell me, it wasn’t my fault and all the excerise in the world would not fix my stomach muscles that had been stretched out.

So I had my tummy tuckRecovery wasn’t terrible at all. I had the pain pump so I was up and around fairly quick. At first I could not stand up straight because the muscles were so tight. But every day was better and it was amazing to see my result so soon. My favorite part after the surgery was the muscles being so tight, I couldn’t eat a lot. My stomach could not expand to its fullest, so I lost more weight after surgery too.

Now that I’ve had my tummy tuck I had to have all my clothes altered. I’m wearing things I never dreamed of wearing. Plus I do not have to do all the stomach exercises because my stomach is tight and flat.

Mother & Daughter’s Cosmetic Surgeries*

Mother & Daughter's Cosmetic Surgery

This Mother Daughter Team, teamed up for cosmetic surgery! “My mom is my best friend. I am her only child so we are very close. My mother blessed me with beautiful eyes, beautiful hair and a flat chest. So when I told her I wanted to have a breast augmentation, she said me too,” states Brandy. “We talked about who would have their surgery first and then it was my idea to do it the same day, so we did! It was definately a bonding experience. My dad took care of us,” added daughter.

According to mom, Tina, “I’ve wanted to have this surgery since I was 19. So when Brandy told me she wanted to have the surgery I was very supported. So supportive, I told her I’d have the surgery too. I ask myself now, why did I wait so long? It was an easy surgery, little downtime and they look and feel natural. I am some what glad I did wait because I have the new 410 cohesive gel implants, they didn’t have those 30 years ago.”

“It was fun doing the surgery together. We compared notes and hung out together during our recovery,” recall mother and daughter.

Carmen’s Cosmetic Surgery*

Carmen's Cosmetic Surgery Makeover

Being in the beauty and fashion industry I wanted to wear the latest fashions and not worry about holding it up. I wanted to wear cute swimwear and strapless dress and feel confident. So finally at age 33 I had a breast augmentation.

I had no pain with the surgery. I was a little sore at first, but I was out and about very quickly. Now that I had surgery I really feel good about myself. I’m not limited to what I want to wear. Before surgery when I went swimsuit shopping I would think I can’t wear that type of suit or that will make me look really flat. Now that I have had the surgery, this year swimsuit shopping has been a blast, bring it on, because I no longer dread it! If I see a swimsuit I like, I know I can wear it, I don’t have to try on a hundred of them to find the one with the most padding. Shopping is something I no longer dread, I actually enjoy it. I just feel more confident and I love the way my clothes fit!

Jean’s Cosmetic Surgery*

Jean's Cosmetic Surgery Makeover

My decision to have a Breast Augmentation was based on the fact that I never really developed much up top…at all. I was a 32 AAA. Even after having a baby, there was nothing to speak of. At 30 I decided that I had waited long enough to feel like a complete, sexy woman. I was tired of hiding the fact that I was flat with push-up bras & padding. I dreaded swimsuit season because my bikini top would stay soaking wet while others had dried completely because mine had so much padding in it! Like a lot of people say, I wish I had done it sooner. The difference of how I feel in my skin now compared to before is unbelievable. Now I’m a 34C and loving every inch of it!

My decision to have Liposuction was not done in haste. I researched everything I could on the procedure, the results, read countless testimonials– some good, some bad. After discussing my options with Dr. HuffakerI felt very comfortable with his vision and his abilities. I had excercise resistant pockets of fat, appropriately called “saddlebags”, that were hereditary and not going anywhere no matter what I did. It’s a process, it’s not something to take lightly, but now, 3 years later, I’m still amazed at how much it has made a difference in my appearance. I can fit into pants and jeans SO much easier than before, and I just plain look better.

Having done both procedures: Enhancing a too small of a top and reducing a big bottom has completely changed my shape. I’ve gone from a pear to something that, at 34 and 2 kids, am still very happy with.

*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

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