Aging results in a number of unpleasant effects, including wrinkles and sagging skin. Individuals who want a nonsurgical solution for these frustrating imperfections turn to Thermage at our St. Louis med spa. Thermage uses radio-frequency energy to help you get smoother, firmer, brighter skin. Thermage can be used to lift skin on the face and body and provides better definition of facial features including the eyes and jawline.

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Why Thermage?

Thermage was the first non-invasive wrinkle treatment to use radio-frequency energy for nonsurgical skin tightening. It offers superior technology that combines deep tissue heating with cooling effects to simultaneously invigorate and protect the skin. Thermage produces lasting changes within the skin for ongoing improvement you can see for up to 6 months.

Thermage FAQ

How does Thermage work? Thermage uses radio-frequency energy to remodel collagen and strengthen the skin’s internal collagen matrix. The gentle heating improves the skin’s elasticity and creates a tightening effect that smoothes and lifts the skin. Some patients may benefit instead from microneedling treatments, which trigger the production of new collagen by creating tiny channels in the skin.

What can Thermage treat? People who are noticing that their skin looks loose, wrinkled or worn are often good candidates for Thermage. Thermage is especially beneficial for areas such as the neck, hands, eyelids and jawline. For additional wrinkle reduction, treatments such as dermal fillers or BOTOX® Cosmetic may be recommended.

Is it safe? Thermage has a very strong safety profile. This procedure has been used successfully for longer than a decade in more than 1 million treatments.

How many treatments will I need? For many people, 1 treatment is sufficient because the improvements from Thermage continue for up to 6 months. For optimal benefits, maintenance treatments every 1 to 2 years are suggested.

Our Difference

  • Natural, long-lasting results that are never overdone
  • Personalized surgical plans
  • Honest and comprehensive consultations
  • Reduced downtime and comfortable recovery

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Your Treatment Experience

Your treatment with Thermage can take 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the size of the target area. Any makeup will be removed with a gentle cleanser. Our registered nurse will then use the Thermage hand piece to treat your skin pulse by pulse. You should feel alternating sensations of heating and cooling during this process. Your registered nurse will ask you for feedback about your comfort level and adjust the treatment as needed.

Once your Thermage session is complete, you will be able to return home without any special aftercare. You may experience some minor redness or swelling, but this should subside within 24 hours. While experiences vary, most patients notice some improvements immediately. Ongoing skin tightening usually occurs over the next 4 to 6 months.


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