Next Day Lift

The neck and jowls are typically the first areas to show early signs of facial aging. A "Next Day Lift" or modified facelift in St. Louis is a perfect alternative for many people who do not yet require a complete face lift but who are concerned with skin laxity in the lower face. The results of a Next Day Lift are softer and more subtle than a traditional face lift.

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Procedure Overview

The Next Day Lift is an in-office procedure that tightens and lifts the neck and lower half of the face with little downtime. This procedure is great for men and women who do not have much time to spare for their recovery, or for who are looking for a more subtle change. People who desire substantial improvements or who want to address multiple signs of aging may benefit more from a traditional face lift.

Your Surgery

A Next Day Lift is usually performed under local anesthesia. Short incisions are placed discretely and according to the patient's needs. Through these small incisions, the underlying muscles are adjusted and tightened to reduce laxity.

Your Recovery

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On average, a Next Day Lift has dramatically less bruising and swelling than a full face lift. Any mild discomfort can be relieved using over-the-counter medication and most individuals can resume work and normal socializing activities within 4 days. St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery provides detailed instructions for pre- and post-operative care to lessen the possibility of complications and promote healing.

Your Results

After a Next Day Lift, you will enjoy a more youthful, refreshed appearance with better skin laxity. Skin sagging in the lower face is improved and some facial creases may appear lessened. Additional improvements in the forehead and eyes can be achieved using a brow lift or eyelid surgery. While some patients are not good candidates for the Next Day Lift, others may be excellent candidates for another short recovery facelift such as the MACS Lift.

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