Nose surgery is one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures. Whether increasing or decreasing the size of the nose, changing the shape of the nasal tip, or improving breathing and sinus problems, rhinoplasty from St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery can help.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons combine education, experience and artistic skill to create a result that suits your face and your personality. Request a consultation online or call  (636) 530-6161 to set up an evaluation and learn more about St. Louis rhinoplasty.

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Procedure Overview

Rhinoplasty can be used to reshape the nose so that it is in better proportion to other facial features. This can include lengthening or shortening the nose, altering the nose width, reducing an enlarged dorsal hump, refining the nasal tip and nostrils, and correcting nasal asymmetry. Nose surgery can improve breathing function and is often chosen by individuals who suffer from a deviated nasal septum.

Rhinoplasty is an intricate and detailed surgery that requires a high level of technical skill and an aesthetic eye. Before your procedure, a surgeon from St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery will first discuss your concerns and surgical goals, as well as perform a detailed physical assessment to evaluate your breathing. A photo imaging system is then used to help you visualize your intended results. Sometimes a chin enhancement or facelift may also be suggested.

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Your Surgery

Rhinoplasty can be performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The 2 most common surgical techniques used in nose surgery are referred to as “open” or “closed” approaches. Open rhinoplasty involves an incision that is made along the columella (the area between the nostrils), whereas closed rhinoplasty places all incisions inside the nostrils. Your surgeon will determine which technique is best based on the complexity of your surgery.

After the incisions are made, bone, cartilage, and tissue are reduced or reshaped into the appropriate size or position. If breathing problems are present, the surgeon will straighten the deviated nasal septum.

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Your Recovery

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While recovery varies between patients, bruising and swelling is usually minimal with the rapid recovery techniques used during surgery and often resolves within a few days. Most people can return to work in about 1 week and may resume exercising within 3 weeks. Most individuals wear a splint or bandage on the nose to help support the new nasal structure. A humidifier or saline spray may be recommended to keep the nose moist.

Your Results

It may take several months until the full results from your rhinoplasty procedure are achieved. After recovery, patients often enjoy a more proportional facial appearance and possibly improved breathing function. Generally, a smoother, sleeker, and more flattering nose shape and size can be expected.

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