In order to obtain the beautiful results you want from a facelift in St. Louis, it’s important to select a skilled plastic surgeon who can evaluate your individual situation, including your skin quality, skin thickness, and skin elasticity. Sagging skin, sunken cheeks, and a tired appearance can often mask an inner radiance. It takes the precision and intuition of a skilled surgeon to create harmony between how you feel on the inside and how you look on the outside.

The experienced plastic surgeons at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery are devoted to providing subtle, natural results that express your inner beauty and confidence. Request a consultation online or call  (636) 530-6161 to set up an evaluation with one of our surgeons.

Our Difference

  • Natural, long-lasting results that are never overdone
  • Personalized surgical plans
  • Honest and comprehensive consultations
  • Reduced downtime and comfortable recovery

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Procedure Overview

A face lift from St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery can tighten loose skin around the chin and jaw line, lessen the appearance of folds around the nose and mouth, and reduce sagging in the mid-face. Depending on the extent of lifting required and a person’s facial anatomy, a mini-, mid-, or full facelift may be recommended. Full (traditional) facelifts generally offer complete rejuvenation benefits and more noticeable results.

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We're delighted to offer Vectra 3D Imaging, which we use to create visual simulations of the various options available. Together, we'll evaluate every angle to find a look that makes you smile.

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Your Surgery

Surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. Depending on the degree of lifting, incisions may be made along the hairline, near the temples, around the ear, and on the lower scalp. Excess skin and fat tissue is often removed and the underlying muscles are tightened to create more defined facial contours.

Your Recovery

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We Specialize in Rapid Recovery
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St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery uses rapid recovery techniques during facelift procedures to minimize tissue damage and promote healing. This results in less bruising, bleeding, and swelling so that you can get back to your normal routine faster.

Your Results

Facelift surgery can help to restore youthful facial contours and lessen the appearance of facial folds around the nose and mouth. Many people often combine a face lift procedure with a forehead lifteyelid surgery, or BOTOX® Cosmetic in St. Louis to create a more rejuvenated appearance overall.

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