Breast Augmentation Revision

Here in St. Louis, breast augmentation patients from Decatur and Champaign, Illinois; Terre Haute, Indiana; and surrounding communities are typically quite satisfied with their results for many years after surgery. But occasionally, a damaged breast implant or a simple change of heart necessitates a revision procedure. At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, our board‐certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons have the experience necessary to navigate the complexities of exchanging or removing breast implants.

When to Consider Breast Revision Surgery

Breast augmentation revision can correct for unsatisfactory results of a previous breast augmentation. In some cases, the procedure is medically necessary, especially if the patient experienced certain complications after her first surgery. For other women, it’s not about complications from the primary surgery at all: They may simply wish to change the appearance of their breasts, switching out current implants for a different size, shape, or material.

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Good Breast Augmentation Revision Candidates

You’re likely a good candidate for the surgery if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your augmented breasts, or if you would like to remedy a cosmetic complication. Common reasons patients pursue corrective surgery include:

  • Scar tissue around one or both implants (capsular contracture)
  • Other aesthetic deformities including “double bubble” or rippling
  • Excessive scarring
  • Sagging or drooping
  • Visible asymmetry

We typically recommend that prospective patients wait for at least 1 year after primary surgery before pursuing revisionary surgery. This allows the body ample time to fully heal.

Preparing for Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Breast augmentation revision is a very satisfying procedure for doctor and patient alike. Whether you’re pursuing the procedure to correct a visible deformity or you’ve simply had a change of heart about the appearance of your breast implants, it’s important to come to your consultation with a clear goal for surgery, as well as reasonable expectations for your outcome.

Your consultation is a time to talk candidly with your surgeon about your goals for your initial breast augmentation, and how your results may have fallen short of those aspirations. We discuss the various surgical options available to you and how they compare to your present implants. Finally, your surgeon walks you through the process and helps you develop a clear picture of your likely results.

If you choose to schedule your breast augmentation revision, your surgeon provides you with complete instructions to prepare yourself for surgery.

Your Breast Implant Revision Recovery

Pain and discomfort are manageable after surgery with prescribed medications, and most patients feel well enough to return to their usual everyday routines after about 1 week of home recovery. Patients should wait for about 1 month before resuming heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, or other activities that can significantly raise the heart rate.

Revisionary breast surgery is often more technically challenging than a primary procedure because the surgeon needs to account for scar tissue. Accordingly, recuperation following breast augmentation revision can be a bit more challenging than that of primary breast augmentation, but many of the guidelines remain the same as what you have already experienced the first time around.

Immediately after surgery, your breasts will be bandaged and dressed. Once you’re home, it’s important to keep your upper body supported to reduce swelling. This means resting and sleeping on your back as much as possible.

We will discuss all your options for breast revision surgery when you meet us for a personal consultation. Request a consultation online, or call our office at  (636) 530-6161 to start your process today.

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