Breast Augmentation Options

When you’ve chosen to undergo breast augmentation, you have to decide on more than just implants. At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, our surgeons discuss all of your choices, including implant shapes, styles, and sizes, as well as incision type and implant placement. After a thorough physical examination that includes assessing your skin tone and body frame, your surgeon recommends surgical choices that are best suited to your specific needs and cosmetic goals. During this consultation, we think you’ll understand why breast augmentation patients from Missouri, Illinois, and other areas throughout the region trust us to deliver excellent results.

Implant Options

Breast augmentation patients can choose from saline or silicone gel breast implants, both of which are perfectly safe and FDA-approved medical devices. Choosing the right implant for you begins with a good understanding of the advantages unique to each material.

  • Saline: With saline implants, the solution is added after inserting the implants. This enables the surgeon to perform the procedure with shorter scars. Saline can be a good choice for women with a good amount of existing breast tissue.
  • Silicone gel: Patients often report that silicone gel implants have a very natural feel to them. We offer the widely used round silicone gel implants, which are softer and more viscous, as well as the newer, highly cohesive shaped silicone implants, which are firmer and hold their shape even when cut.

You can learn all about the different implant types on our implant options page.

Dr. Lund was recently featured on Great Day St. Louis sharing insights on Ideal Implants, specialized saline implants we offer here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, and the other services and treatments we offer at the practice. Watch the video here.

implant screenings

Wondering About Your Silicone Implants?

If you have silicone breast implants, you deserve some peace of mind. We offer quick and easy screenings with high-resolution ultrasound right in our office.

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We strongly encourage you to “try on” our implant sizers, which are similar to padded bras and act as a preview of how your new breasts will look. It’s also important to think about the shape, profile, and texture of your implants. Vectra 3D imaging is another extremely helpful tool which helps you envision different outcomes.

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We're delighted to offer Vectra 3D Imaging, which we use to create visual simulations of the various options available. Together, we'll evaluate every angle to find a look that makes you smile.

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Incision Placement

Your choice of breast implants is one of the factors at issue when it comes to choosing the location of your incisions, in addition to your anatomy and personal preference. Our surgeons explain the advantages of each location and help guide your decision. The 3 most common incision options are:

  • Inframammary incision: This is the most common incision for breast augmentation. The horizontal incision is made in the fold beneath the breast where it meets your chest. That location helps minimize the appearance of any scar.
  • Periareolar incision: An incision is made around the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple.
  • Axillary incision: Placed in the natural crease of the armpit, the axillary incision is an acceptable option for some patients that leaves no scar on the breast.

incision location graph

Implant Placement

Breast augmentation requires your surgeon to create a pocket in the breasts where the implants will be placed. Your choices for implant placement are:

Subglandular: When implants are placed directly behind your breast tissue but above your pectoral muscles, this is called a subglandular placement. Patients with plenty of existing breast tissue are good candidates for the subglandular, or over-the-muscle, placement because their tissue will soften the edges of the implants so they won’t be visible.

Submuscular: Women with little existing breast tissue often choose to have their implants placed beneath their pectoral muscles to help disguise the edges of the implants. By adding a layer of tissue over the implants, your breasts may also feel more natural.

implant placement graph

Learn more about these breast augmentation options.
Our surgeons are happy to help you find the right options for you.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Amanda’s Breast Augmentation

Complementary Procedures

Women often combine breast augmentation with procedures that help enhance their results. Combining a breast lift with augmentation, for example, will give you more youthful-looking breasts while also enhancing their size. Women who have had children and want to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies often choose to get a mommy makeover at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, which typically includes a tummy tuck and liposuction to tighten abdominal muscles and trim fat from their waists.

Our surgeons are experienced at performing combination procedures that incorporate multiple components and often find this to be a very satisfying choice for many patients. They will discuss these options at your consultation and set a surgical plan that addresses each of your concerns.

Customized Results

For a better sense of how your choice of breast implants translates into results, take a look at our photo gallery. For example, you can compare the results of the 2 patients shown below: They are both in their early 20s and have similar body types, but one chose silicone implants and the other chose saline.

This 26-year-old patient elected to have shaped, cohesive silicone gel implants inserted under the muscle. As you can see, her breasts have a teardrop shape with more fullness in the lower portion of the breasts.*

Breast augmentation before image Breast augmentation after image
Before After

This 21-year-old patient chose round, saline implants, also placed under the muscle. Her breasts have more fullness in the upper pole and have less of a teardrop shape than the above patient.*

Breast augmentation before image Breast augmentation after image
Before After

*Keep in mind each patient is unique and your results may vary.

There is no “ideal” breast, and every patient has their unique cosmetic goals. Our surgeons are dedicated to helping you make those goals a reality.

Getting the results you want begins with meeting your surgeon at our office about 25 minutes from downtown St. Louis. Request a consultation online to discuss breast augmentation, or call us at (636) 530-6161 and a member of our staff will schedule your consultation.

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