Vein Treatment

Spider veins are tiny blue or purplish veins that often appear on the face and legs in branch-like formations or clusters. St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery offers a minimally invasive vein treatment in St. Louis called sclerotherapy, which shrinks the vein using a liquid solution that is injected into the appropriate area. Usually, only 1 or 2 sessions are needed to see visible improvements.

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Sclerotherapy Overview

Sclerotherapy at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery is a simple in-office treatment. Our doctors inject a highly concentrated saline-based solution into the vein, causing the lining of the vessel to become irritated and collapse on itself. Blood is re-routed to healthy veins, and after about 3 to 6 weeks, the vein fades or disappears. Depending on the size of the vein and treatment area, multiple sessions may be needed before complete results are seen.

Your Procedure

The treatment area is first cleansed prior to your procedure. Your medical professional will then use a very fine needle to inject the solution directly into the blood vessel. You may briefly experience a mild burning or cramping sensation during the procedure, but this is temporary and most patients are fairly comfortable. One session may take between a few minutes to an hour, depending on the area being treated. The number of veins that can be treated per session will vary depending on the size and location of the vein.

Your Recovery

There is no downtime associated with sclerotherapy. However, you may notice some common temporary side effects such as brown lines or spots at the injection site, light bruising, itching, and swelling. Small people may also develop tiny blood vessels after treatment, but these should fade within a few months. You may be asked to wear support hose or compression wraps after your procedure to facilitate healing. Walking and light activity are encouraged.

Your Results

Most people experience more evenly toned skin with a reduction in the appearance of spider veins. If new veins do develop, however, you can return for a follow-up treatment.

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