Thigh or Buttock Lift

When skin in the lower body loses elasticity due to aging or weight loss, a thigh or buttock lift from St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery can be used to firm loose tissue and restore a sleek, smooth appearance. During this procedure, the skin is lifted and tightened for a more youthful appearing contour.

Your surgery will be customized to meet your needs and flatter your body type. A consultation with one of our board-certified and board-eligible plastic surgeons can help you determine if this surgery is right for you. Request a consultation online or call  (636) 530-6161 to set up an evaluation and learn more.

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Procedure Overview

A thigh or buttock lift is often chosen by our St. Louis plastic surgery patients who have recently experienced weight loss or who have lost skin elasticity as a result of aging. Unlike a Brazilian butt augmentation, which adds fullness to the buttocks, this procedure is ideal for individuals who are in good physical condition but who have some sagging skin or excess fat in the thigh, buttock or hip area. The surgeons at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery customize the degree of lift for each procedure to ensure optimal results for every individual. Sometimes a thigh and buttock lift can be combined with a tummy tuck for more complete results in a procedure called a “transverse body lift.” An arm lift is also commonly chosen to improve the shape and contour of the upper arms.

Your Surgery

Your procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia. Depending on the amount of lift needed, a thigh lift may require short incisions in the groin crease only, or may wrap downward around the back of the thigh. Underlying tissues are excised or retightened to create a smoother contour.

A buttock lift may include longer incisions that extend from hipbone to hipbone on the back. Skin and fat is then separated and excess tissue is excised. Sometimes, liposuction may be used for additional fat removal if necessary. The buttock is then elevated to a higher position.

Your Recovery

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For a thigh lift procedure, most individuals can return to work within a few days. A buttock lift or combination thigh/buttock lift may require 2 weeks of downtime. Some mild swelling and bruising may appear and usually dissipates within a few weeks. St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery offers a pain pump for improved comfort during your recovery.

Your Results

After a thigh or buttock lift, our patients experience tighter, smoother contours in the lower body with fewer skin irregularities. Many people who choose these procedures enjoy a fitter, more youthful appearance and enhanced self-image.

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