Woman in St. Louis interested in learning more about labiaplasty

Labiaplasty: Cost, Risks & Why It’s Done

As cosmetic procedures grow in popularity, we are seeing a rising number of women interested in labiaplasty in St. Louis. The reasoning is understandable: It is a simple procedure that can easily improve a woman’s physical, emotional, and sexual health. Our doctors understand that this is a delicate procedure that requires thought and care. Many …

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Woman smiling while laying on bed

Labiaplasty: All the Questions You’ve Been Too Afraid to Ask

Most people today are more comfortable talking about plastic surgery, but some procedures remain sensitive subjects. Labiaplasty is growing in popularity with our St. Louis-area patients. Yet many women still feel uncomfortable asking specific questions about the procedure or talking about what they hope to accomplish. Learning more about labiaplasty can help you make a …

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