Why our estheticians are the best…

Posted by: Rhonda Shrum

When it comes to skin care treatment, Mary Ann Egner knows her stuff. As a licensed medical esthetician at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery Medical Spa, her job consists of not just performing chemical peels and facials, but analyzing skin and really listening to her patients as well. These skills, however, do not come overnight. Mary Ann, like all of our estheticians, constantly makes sure that she is learning, evolving, trying new things, and keeping herself cutting-edge.

As part of her ongoing (and never-ending!) education, Mary Ann went to Carlsbad, California recently for the SkinMedica Advocate Summit, 2011. While there, she met and listened to many top doctors in the skin care industry and came away with some great insights:

What an awesome adventure and learning experience!!! After all the fatigue of traveling to Carlsbad, CA. and dealing with the time changes, I was so not ready to be inspired, but I was!!! At the welcome reception I was delighted to talk with several fellow estheticians and medical estheticians from all around the country. It was so interesting to exchange information about services, products and our profession in general. After a good night’s sleep and a wonderful breakfast, I was rearing to go and go we did. First there was the company update. So I am thinking, ho hum. NOPE!! After listening to a brief explanation from Ted Schwarz, the President, speak about the goals and future of Skin Medica, I was pumped. It is so nice to know that it is not just about turning a profit, but taking care of the patient needs.

Next came Rahul Mehta, Ph.D., who has all the info on the clinical. He is so intelligent about all the wonderful research being done on the products and production of the new ones (Lots on the horizon!). Then John Garruto, Vice President of Formulation Development spoke. To estheticians, this is so intriguing. There were so many more people who I don’t have time to write about, but they were all a part of this wonderful experience. The founder of the company, Dr.Richard Fitzpatrick, M.D., F.A.A.D., is an amazing man who had the foresight to see what would be needed in the future and he took the steps needed to create this awesome company. Thank you, Dr. Fitzpatrick for your vision and thank you for the wonderful experience of experiencing the Advocate Summit, 2011. I look forward to next year.

We’re all excited for our staff and patients to benefit from Mary Ann’s learning experience. Knowledge is power, they say, and our staff is full of it!

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