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Man jogging after post weight loss surgery in St. Louis, MO.

What to Expect From Post-Weight Loss Surgery

After losing weight, body contouring can be a very satisfying experience. Many patients want to complete their transformation by getting rid of loose skin or excess tissue. Thanks to modern medicine, men and women today have many options for sculpting and toning their bodies. But how does post-weight loss surgery work exactly? Our St. Louis-area patients …

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Man happy with results of post-weight loss surgery done by St. Louis weight loss doctors.

3 Unexpected Benefits of Post-Weight Loss Surgery

Losing a significant amount of weight is no easy task. If you have finally reached your personal goal weight, you should take a moment to celebrate. Despite this significant accomplishment, unfortunately, you may discover that you're self-confidence isn't what you thought it would be because of large amounts of loose, hanging skin. Patients seeking surgery …

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A woman considering body contouring after weight loss holds a towel around her neck following an intense exercise workout

Complete Your Personal Transformation

So you’ve finally lost all the weight. Congratulations! It’s a lot of hard work to make such a significant life change. While slimming down can be very exciting, you might have also gained a lot of loose, hanging skin in the process. Don’t worry–you’re not alone. Excess skin is a common (and frustrating) result of …

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You lost the weight, now what?

You Lost the Weight. Now What?

Significant weight loss: No matter how you accomplish it, it's a big achievement. In our practice, we see plenty of patients who have made serious diet and exercise adjustments or even undergone weight loss surgery. These St. Louis plastic surgery patients have all demonstrated an incredible commitment to their own health and wellness, an admirable …

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Summer Blog Series, Part 1: Exercise Q & A with Dr. William Huffaker

Performing cosmetic surgery is a physical task. For example, a tummy tuck with liposuction can take more than 4 hours, and multiple surgeries are typically scheduled per day. Feasibly, that could be 8 hours a day for a surgeon in an operating room. To be up to the demanding task, our surgeons work out—hard. For Dr. William …

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What’s YOUR goal for 2013?

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." --Helen Keller Every year, millions of people resolve to be happy on January 1, vowing to fix all that is wrong in their lives in order to feel or look better: they vow …

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Mommy Makeover Diaries: Rhonda’s Surgery Day

I've thought a lot in the past week about what to say about my actual surgical experience. I could go on and on for days talking about menial things that meant a lot to me, or I could sum it up in one sentence: "It went perfectly." I'll try to find a happy medium. The …

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Mommy Makeover Diaries: Di’s Story

While Rhonda is out recovering from her Mommy Makeover with Dr. Huffaker this week, one of our wonderful nurses here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, Di, will share her thoughts on the Mommy Makeover she received from Dr. Prada. What made you decide to have a Mommy Makeover in the first place? The stretch marks …

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Mommy Makeover Diaries: Checklist, please!

Any woman who's ever been pregnant knows what it feels like: it's midnight and you're exhausted, but you just can't stop cleaning the house, making shopping lists, and generally trying to organize your life before chaos arrives in the form of a tiny, helpless baby. It's called nesting, and preparing for surgery is actually pretty …

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