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But It’s Approved by the FDA!?!

We have all heard it.  “This FDA Approved treatment….”  But what does “FDA Approved” really mean? Are all FDA Approvals the same or is there a difference between them? First, there are big differences amongst the types of FDA Approvals.  There are really two types of FDA Approvals for medical devices.  There is the 501(k) …

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Bridalplasty – I Want You to Love Me for Who I Am… Maybe!

There is a lot of buzz in the plastic surgery world about the new ABC show, “Bridalplasty”, where the brides-to-be compete to have plastic surgery procedures performed on themselves before the big day.  While it appears that most of the contestants will get some of their desired procedures done, only the winner gets all of …

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Financing Cosmetic Surgery-The ABCs to Know Before You Start!

Many patients who are looking into having plastic surgery are also interested in the different ways they can finance the costs of their cosmetic procedures.  Over the last few years, the number of patients who have used some type of patient financing to help cover the expenses of their plastic surgery treatments has increased significantly …

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Are Patients Satisfied With Their Cosmetic Surgery Results?

David B. Sarwer, PhD is one of the world’s foremost experts on the psychological responses to cosmetic surgery.  In a recent report published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Dr. Sarwer et al conducted a large, multi-center study examining the effects of cosmetic surgery on patient satisfaction with their body image and improvement in their self-esteem.  The …

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Welcome to the St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery Blog! 

Let's start with the first question-why a blog?  That's the question everyone was asking when I first started thinking about doing this-writing a blog about cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery.  Many of the people I “bounced” the idea off of told me “It had already been done”,  and others said that no one in St. …

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