Mommy Makeover Diaries: Checklist, please!

Any woman who’s ever been pregnant knows what it feels like: it’s midnight and you’re exhausted, but you just can’t stop cleaning the house, making shopping lists, and generally trying to organize your life before chaos arrives in the form of a tiny, helpless baby. It’s called nesting, and preparing for surgery is actually pretty similar. Knowing that you will be out of commission for a while turns an otherwise organized world into a tailspin. While it would be lovely to just daydream and shop for new clothes in the weeks leading up to your procedure, the reality is that there is a lot to be done to make recovery as easy as possible while at home. Both of our mommies are in different phases of the Mommy MakeoverProcess right now–Rhonda still has a few weeks to go, and Michelle is currently recovering from her surgery. Together, they have put together a list of Must-Haves and Must-Dos for the weeks and days before having a makeover.

Errands and Tasks to Finish:

 Fill your prescriptions. There is nothing worse than being in pain at 3am and realizing you don’t have anything to take. Get each of your prescriptions filled in time for your arrival home.

Deep clean your house. Whether you do it yourself or hire out, you don’t want any dust bunnies floating around that you will be tempted to kill while you’re supposed to be taking it easy. Keep up on your laundry, have fresh sheets available, and make sure you have spick-and-span bathrooms. You won’t feel up to cleaning yourself for quite a while.

Have your hair styled and nails done. Now is the time to get a cut or color, maybe even a conditioning treatment (anesthesia can dry out your hair). And don’t forget your fingers and toes! In the days following surgery, when you’re bloated and scarred and not feeling particularly pretty, having a fresh pedicure can brighten your mood.

 Plan out and freeze meals. If you have small children especially, this will be a life-saver. Plan your meals for at least a week, and if you can, prepare them beforehand and freeze them. That way, your helpers can just defrost and go…which leaves more time for them to help you!

Organize your children’s schedules. Play dates, homework assignments, birthday parties…being a mom is largely about being a taskmaster, so make sure there are no tasks that will be forgotten. By arranging for rides, buying presents and getting a head start on homework well in advance, you’ll be able to relax more easily instead of stressing about that Girl Scouts meeting you forgot about. And don’t forget to assign chores: let the little ones help you!

Move your clothing around. It might be super convenient to have your tee-shirts, sweats, socks, bras, and underwear in a lower drawer in your dresser now–but wait until you can’t bend over after a tummy tuck! Move essentials UP for the weeks following surgery, so there’s less strain on you. You can always rearrange when you’re feeling better.

Clean out your car. The shortest, smoothest ride can feel bumpy shortly after surgery, and the last thing you want during a bumpy ride is to fight with food wrappers and extra sporting equipment rolling around on the floor.

Get your books, magazines, iPad, Kindle, et. all in order. Whatever entertainment you plan on utilizing while you’re recuperating all needs to be right on a table next to wherever you’ll be spending your time (couch, bed, recliner) and fully charged.

Extra things to make sure you have on hand:

• Protein shakes

• Iron Supplements

• Mild stool softeners

• Extra pillows, especially body pillows

• Comfortable, button-down pajamas and a robe

• Digital camera and memory card

• Batteries, for TV remotes or flashlights

• Bottled water and Sprite/ginger ale

• Notepad and pen to record meds and drainage numbers

• Dry shampoo for when you can’t wash your hair

• Tank tops or camis for under those itchy binders

• Pill container for medications

• Safety pins to attach drains to your pants or binder

• Zip up bra

Take care of all errands before you have a Mommy Makeover.

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