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Now is the perfect time for mommy makeover

Why Now Is the Perfect Time for a Mommy Makeover

  With the kids back in school, juggling the demands of your children throughout the day may have eased up a bit. And if you've been thinking in the back of your mind about doing something for yourself, early fall is an ideal time to schedule a mommy makeover at our St. Louis plastic surgery …

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Blonde woman undoing bra after breast reduction.

5 Facts About Breast Reduction You Should Know

The breast reduction patients we see in St. Louis at our practice consistently tell us the surgery is life-changing. That's no exaggeration. Overly large breasts can limit a woman's physical activities, make her self-conscious, and lead to chronic shoulder and back pain, among other drawbacks. The relief expressed by women after getting breast reduction surgery …

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Blonde women running in sports bra.

What Makes a Breast Augmentation “Rapid Recovery”?

My colleagues and I are pleased to offer a rapid recovery option for breast augmentation here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery. If you're wondering how rapid recovery breast augmentation is different from other approaches to the procedure, as well as whether you're a candidate, this blog post is for you. Although traditional breast augmentation doesn't …

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A question from a patient: What is the difference between your mini-facelift compared to others I have seen advertised on TV?

Our mini facelift procedure is a true facelift quite similar to a full facelift, but less invasive, with a faster recover and without the need for General Anesthesia.  The mini facelift procedure usually can be performed in 2 hours under local anesthetic without the need, and added risk, of General anesthetic.  Most procedures discussed on …

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