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3 Ways to Fight “Thunder Thighs”

Certain areas of the body tend to resist even the most dedicated efforts to keep them trim and toned. For many women, thighs are one of the prime trouble spots. People self-conscious about "thunder thighs" avoid wearing shorts and skirts, and even pass on certain sports such as swimming so they don't have to bare …

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DualSculpting for Twice the Results in the Same Time

Ever since we first started offering CoolSculpting®  at our St. Louis medical spa, it's been one of our most popular nonsurgical body contouring procedures. What's not to love? It targets those stubborn areas of fat that won't shrink no matter how much you exercise or diet, and there's essentially no downtime. So we thought, If …

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The Danger with Black Market Buttock Injections

A June 24, 2015 story on CNN discussed the rapidly increasing complications from black market buttock augmentations. As the popularity of certain desired fuller buttock shapes has increased, so has the illegal and very dangerous black market for buttock enhancement. More and more patients are getting injected with industrial grade silicone and other unknown and …

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A loss for the plastic surgery community

The world of plastic surgery suffered a true loss late last week with the death of Steve Moshier. Sadly he was killed while assisting another motorist who had been involved in a traffic accident. Steve was a sales representative for Allergan Medical, focusing mainly on breast implant sales- both cosmetic and reconstructive. But he was …

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Breast sagging AFTER a lift and augmentation?

 Can We Predict Which Patient Will Have Recurrence of Sagging After Breast Lift/Augmentation? One of the most vexing challenges for plastic surgeons is how to recognize which patient is at risk for an early recurrence of the sagging and drooping of her breasts after a breast lift and augmentation combined procedure. Every plastic surgeon that …

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Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQ, Part Two

A few more of the most commonly asked questions we get here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery regarding breast augmentation. When can I jog? When can I do weight training? Although breast augmentation surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure, it is still surgery and the body needs time to heal and recover before resuming normal …

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Breast Augmentation Surgery FAQ: Part One

The arrival of warmer months--and swimsuits--often prompts questions about breast augmentation in St. Louis. While many questions concern implant types and size, just as many are about the surgery itself and recovery. Here are some of the most common questions we get from patients about this popular procedure. I just had surgery, and my new implants …

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