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Women Aren’t the Only Ones Who Age: Cosmetic Treatments for Men

The results are in! The ASAPS numbers, that is. Each year, plastic surgeons around the country look forward to the publication of statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, or ASAPS. The organization collects data from plastic surgeons all year long to keep tabs on the popularity of certain procedures. At our plastic …

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Labiaplasty: The Perfect Addition to Mommy Makeover

In the world of cosmetic surgery, labiaplasty is still a relatively new addition. As its popularity grows, more and more women recognize its value as an addition to mommy makeover surgery. Most of the women considering labiaplasty here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery have a lot of questions about the procedure, as well as its …

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Before you consider a “Botox Party,” do your homework.

This morning in the St. Louis Post Dispatch, an article was published highlighting "Botox and wine parties," an increasingly popular trend among women wishing to look younger. Women gather at a spa and bring their friends, drink wine, and get in line for discounted injections. While this may seem like a fun idea, there are …

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Labiaplasty: What is it, and why is it suddenly trendy?

Here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we notice that trends in plastic surgery often come and go, but one trend in particular has a lot of women (quietly) asking the question: can I change how I look down there? There is no question that labiaplasty, the surgical improvement of female labia, is quickly becoming a …

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After an unhappy experience elsewhere, can breast augmentations be fixed?

At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we are often asked to perform revisions on breast augmentations done elsewhere. Patients may desire a revision for many reasons, and our goal is to help each one achieve the results they wanted from the very beginning. Many women come in wanting a revision due to unhappiness with the size …

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Back Scooping?

You never know what a news agency will pick up. Recently the published an article on Heidi Montag and “back scooping." “Back Scooping” actually refers to a procedure that we have done for years as part of our liposuction procedures. Several years ago, low hipped fashions came in style for women. Unfortunately, most women’s bodies were …

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Mommy Makeovers

One of our more common procedures at St Louis Cosmetic Surgery is the Mommy Makeover. Bringing back your body after one, two, three, or more children can be challenging. Loss of breast tissue, stretch marks, loose skin, and additional fat pockets can frustrate many otherwise normal women. Frequently weight control and the gym simply are …

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