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The Real Facts on Plastic Surgery & Smoking

You've heard about the many health benefits of kicking that cigarette habit: Live longer Reduce your risk of cancer Minimize the odds of developing heart or lung disease Unfortunately even those incentives don't deter some people from continuing their nicotine habit. If you're considering plastic surgery, here's one more reason to stop: If you smoke, …

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Celebrity Skin Care Secrets

It's that time of year again – awards season. And let's be honest: Although we may tune in to see who's winning and losing, what we're really interested in is how our favorite stars look. It seems that no matter how much time goes by, celebrities somehow manage to escape the effects of aging. Stepping …

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What should you look for in a plastic surgeon?

A disturbing trend in plastic surgery is for large, national chains to set up cosmetic surgery franchises. They hire doctors who may or may not be board certified to perform their procedures. At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we’ve been performing cosmetic surgery longer than anyone in St. Louis, and it is our surgeons actually own …

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