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Mommy Makeover Diaries: Michelle’s “After” Story

After waiting for years to have her procedure (and three kids later), Michelle is finally through and on the road to recovery. While her first couple of nights were a little rough (pain medication made her groggy, and she didn't want to do much), every day got a little better after that. She got up, …

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Labiaplasty: What is it, and why is it suddenly trendy?

Here at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we notice that trends in plastic surgery often come and go, but one trend in particular has a lot of women (quietly) asking the question: can I change how I look down there? There is no question that labiaplasty, the surgical improvement of female labia, is quickly becoming a …

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Mommy Makeover Diaries: The Agonizing Wait

My mommy partner-in-crime, Michelle, is through the other side: she's officially three weeks past her surgery. She came into the office yesterday for a follow-up visit, and while she was here we took some photos for this blog and chatted a bit about her whole surgical experience, so I can write it up later. She …

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Mommy Makeover Diaries: Checklist, please!

Any woman who's ever been pregnant knows what it feels like: it's midnight and you're exhausted, but you just can't stop cleaning the house, making shopping lists, and generally trying to organize your life before chaos arrives in the form of a tiny, helpless baby. It's called nesting, and preparing for surgery is actually pretty …

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