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An Employee’s Tummy Tuck Journey: The Final Result

Often, the first step to plastic surgery, the consultation, is the most difficult for patients to overcome. Once the procedure has been discussed with a trusted surgeon, planning for the surgery happens pretty quickly. Here, our employee shares her hospital experience and her elation at the final results. By the time my surgery date with …

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After an unhappy experience elsewhere, can breast augmentations be fixed?

At St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery, we are often asked to perform revisions on breast augmentations done elsewhere. Patients may desire a revision for many reasons, and our goal is to help each one achieve the results they wanted from the very beginning. Many women come in wanting a revision due to unhappiness with the size …

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Post-injury Massage May Help Muscles Heal

Clean, cool, white sheets. Scented candles and oils. Calm, soothing music. People go in for massages with the expectation of relaxation and relief from the tensions of the world; an hour-long getaway from the stress of everyday life. But while most are familiar with massage as a wonderful way to relax and feel good, there …

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