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90 Day Challenge: Is Natural Always Better?

Last week, I read an article about French women: an article that discussed their natural beauty, their confidence, the general allure that makes them so attractive. While I love the concept of natural beauty, I have many doubts about those that we bestow the title upon. Inner beauty aside, we usually consider someone a natural …

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We have all heard it.  “This FDA Approved treatment….”  But what does “FDA Approved” really mean? Are all FDA Approvals the same or is there a difference between them? First, there are big differences amongst the types of FDA Approvals.  There are really two types of FDA Approvals for medical devices.  There is the 501(k) …

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If You Want Plastic Surgery, It’s Time to Give Up the Cigarettes

The health benefits of quitting smoking are numerous and well documented. Non-smokers live longer, have less risk of cancer, and have fewer instances of heart and lung disease. Despite these well-known statistics, however, many people continue to smoke--but if you're seriously considering plastic surgery, quitting is a choice you need to make. Aside from the …

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