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What are the Benefits of Having Regular Facial Treatments?

The skin has a natural tendency to heal itself; however, depending on the results you desire, sometimes we must seek professional help in order to achieve maximum results. Your skin renews itself about every 28 days.  This process tends to slow as we mature.  In order to help with age-related concerns, like wrinkles, crow’s feet, …

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Juvederm XC Follow-up:

Okay so I am a week out and love my new look. Swelling and bruising are completely gone. I am a huge believer of fillers, they really erase those fine lines! Michelle Autry Patient Relations Director

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Day 4 JUVÉDERM® Treatment

Day 4 after my treatment and I am still bruised. I can cover it pretty good with make-up. But I typically don't bruise when I get fillers, so I am assuming the lidocaine can increase the chances of bruising? So I guess that is the toss-up- less pain during injections but an increase chance of …

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Day 2 JUVÉDERM® Treatment

Day 2 of my Juvederm treatment. I honestly love the result. I do have some bruising on my nasolabial folds, but I covered most of it with make-up. My lips look great and very natural! Michelle Autry Patient Relations Director

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Day 1 JUVÉDERM® Treatment

Just had my first treatment of the new Juvederm XC. It was great. You do feel the first few sticks and then it is a walk in the park. I had my nasolabial folds and lips both done. Will let you know if I have any swelling tomorrow! Michelle Autry Patient Relations Director

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Have you heard? Juvederm, my favorite filler, was just FDA approved with lidocaine. Which means no nerve block or local. It is nearly pain free!!!! We just got a few samples in today. I get to be the first guinee pig to try it! I'll let you know how it goes. Michelle Autry Patient Relations …

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