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Mommy Makeover Do’s!

Ok.  If you have followed this blog line so far, you are aware that the last blog entry discussed the no-no's of trying to regain your pre-baby figure and some of the things that the Hollywood starlets are rumored to have tried to achieve that goal.  I ended that piece with a short note about …

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Mommy Makeover and Breasts: Is There Any Hope?

In the last installment of my on-going blog about the “Mommy-Make-Over”, I discussed facial treatments for melasma, stretch marks, and tummy tucks.  In this segment, I would like to address breast procedures that are often part of a “Mommy-Make-Over” package. Before I start, let's kill some myths.  Myth #1, while nursing is good for your …

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Mommy Makeover No-no’s

I was recently asked by a local reporter to comment about some stories she had read concerning the dangerous practices of certain types of celebrity Mommy-Make-Over's.  She wanted to know if there were some exclusive, secret treatments or procedures that the stars got after delivery that allowed them to quickly regain their pre-baby shape that …

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Is It Safe to get “Ship-Shape” When You’re on a Ship?

Cruise lines seem to have some things in common with plastic surgeons.  They used to be considered a luxury for only the very rich but now are accessible for almost every economic category.  Cosmetic plastic surgery used to be thought of as only for the very rich but now is accessible and available for most …

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