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Financing Cosmetic Surgery-The ABCs to Know Before You Start!

Many patients who are looking into having plastic surgery are also interested in the different ways they can finance the costs of their cosmetic procedures.  Over the last few years, the number of patients who have used some type of patient financing to help cover the expenses of their plastic surgery treatments has increased significantly …

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What’s next for Botox-(or products similar to Botox)?

I doubt there are many people with an interest in cosmetic medicine that have not followed the success story that is Botox.  Botulinum Toxin type A (BTX-A)-the active medication in Botox- was developed as a medical treatment for strabismus-an eye disorder-first being used in 1968 by Dr. Alan Scott in San Francisco.  In 1991, Allergan …

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Are Breast Reduction Patients Happy?

Sometimes the success of surgical procedure is easy to judge; you take the diseased, infected tissue out and the patient gets better.  At other times, the measurement of success for a surgical procedure is harder to determine such as with breast reduction procedures.  There is no diseased or infected organ.  There is no cancer that …

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