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We offer a range of plastic surgery options at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery at competitive prices that reflect the expertise and training of our plastic surgeons. Our goal is always to work with our patients to find treatment options that fit into their budgets and lifestyles, and that is why we are happy to share our prices here on our website.

If you are considering plastic surgeons in the St. Louis area and are interested in getting a specific price quote, request a consultation using our online form, or call our office at  (636) 530-6161 to schedule an appointment.

What’s Included in Our Prices

The cosmetic surgery prices listed here vary somewhat for each of our St. Louis patients, depending on the specifics of the procedure. We have provided general price ranges here to ensure patients understand exactly what they are paying for and help them avoid being surprised by hidden costs.

Besides the surgeon’s fee, the range of charges included in the price quoted for a specific operation include:

  • All office appointments
  • Operating room fees
  • Anesthesia
  • Postoperative garments (if needed)
  • Implants (if needed)

Other costs that may add to the total out-of-pocket price include prescription medications, and lab work that’s needed, Cosmetassure insurance, On-Q pain pumps for certain surgeries, and optional scar repair gel.

Our surgeons believe in making cosmetic procedures accessible to anyone who desires to improve their appearance, which is why we offer financing options for qualified patients. Our surgeons and staff are happy to work with you to develop a treatment plan that both fits into your budget and meets your cosmetic goals. For procedures at our med spa, please see our non-surgical pricing menu.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Our surgeons tailor facial rejuvenation surgery to meet the needs of each patient. In many cases, that may include combining 2 or more procedures, such as a brow lifteyelid surgery, and a facelift. Combining procedures in a single procedure can save patients money because they pay certain fees only once.

Procedure Surgeon’s Fee Facility & Anesthesia Fees Total Fee
A complete facial rejuvenation
$7,555 $3,220 to $4,100 $10,775 & up
Facelift with platysmaplasty
Combines facelift with tightening neck muscles
$8,555 $3,220 $11,775 & up
MACS lift
A modified facelift with shorter recovery
$5,255 $950 $6,205 & up
Next Day Lift
For patients with skin laxity in lower face
$5,255 $950 to $1,050 $6,205 & up
Platysmaplasty (office) 
• With neck liposuction
Tighten neck muscles and reduce excess fat
Eyelid surgery (4 lids in hospital)
2 upper lids in hospital
2 lower lids in office
Create a rested, more youthful look
Endoscopic forehead lift (office)
Lift a sagging forehead
$4,720 $700 $5,420
Transconjunctival eyelid surgery with endoscopic brow lift (office)
Reduce excess fat from lower eyelids and lift saggy eyebrows
$3,655 $700 $4,355
Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty (cosmetic)
Correct breathing issues
$7,200 $2,500 $9,700 & up
Rhinoplasty (cosmetic)
Tip rhinoplasty (cosmetic)
$8,873 & up
$5,880 & up
Neck and cheek liposuction $1,855 $550 $2,405
Otoplasty, both ears (hospital)
Otoplasty, both ears (office)
Otoplasty, 1 ear
Fat injections (full face)
Use your own fat instead of fillers
$2,750 $550 $3,300
Chin implant (office) $2,790 $700 $3,440


Body Contouring

Prices for body contouring procedures are difficult to pinpoint in general because they depend on the extent of improvements being made. For example, that can affect the length of time in the operating room and the anesthesiologist’s fee. As with other types of procedures, in certain cases it may make sense to combine procedures. A patient’s safety is the top priority, however, and our surgeons never compromise a patient’s well‐being.

Procedure Surgeon’s Fee Facility & Anesthesia Fees Total Fee
Liposuction (price based on number of areas)
Reduce stubborn pockets of fat
$2,730 to $8,615 $1,630 to $4,014 $4,610 to $12,879
Tummy tuck
• Lower
• Full
• Extended
• Full-extended
• Full-extensive
Flatten the tummy and tighten skin



$5,758 & up
$7,795 & up
$8,710 & up
$10,347 & up
$11,259 & up
Back bra lift
Front bra lift
$7,050 & up
$10,201 & up
Male breast reduction
$3,695 $2,323 $6,018 & up
Arm lift
Axillary arm lift
Get toned upper arms
$7,050 & up
$4,950 & up
Thigh lift (price depends on area of thigh) $5,191 to $9,015 $2,073 to $3,262 $7,264 & up to $12,277 & up
Labiaplasty $2,200 $1,455 (hospital) $3,655


Cosmetic Breast Surgery

Cosmetic breast surgery is among the most popular plastic surgery in the nation, and we hear more questions about this than perhaps any other kind of surgery. The cost of breast implants is one of the main variables for breast augmentation patients. Saline implants are less expensive than cohesive silicone gel implants in general. But even the range of prices among the silicone gel implants available is fairly wide. For other procedures without implants, including lift and reduction surgeries, the price depends on the extent of the correction needed. The techniques used during cosmetic breast surgery are decided based on your personal preferences after discussing the options with your surgeon.

Procedure Surgeon’s Fee Facility & Anesthesia Fees Total Fee
Breast augmentation (Total fees listed include cost of implants)
• Saline
• Silicone gel
• Cohesive silicone gel
Enhance the size of your breasts with implants



Breast lift with augmentation Prices depend on technique and implant type)
Get perkier, enhanced breasts
$6,329 to $8,310 $1,865 to $2,501 $8,194 to $10,811 & up
Breast Lift
(Prices depend on technique used)
$4,120 to $5,870 $2,501 $5,305 & up to $8,371 & up
Breast implant removal and replacement (Prices depend on implant type) $3,675 to $4,510 $1,630 $5,305 and up to $6,140 and up
Implant removal $2,140 $1,300 $3,440 and up
Breast reduction
Reduce the size of overly large breasts
$6,655 $3,044 $9,699 and up
Remove and replace pocket (silicone) $5,580 $2,073 $7,653


To get a specific, personalized quote for any procedure, we encourage you to request a consultation for a consultation. Together, we can talk about your cosmetic goals and examine your condition, then find an option that fits into your lifestyle.

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